MarginWise Consulting has been a valuable asset to Kuna Foodservice. Our clients have realized six-figure increases in profitability and better understand their businesses, which has, in turn, increased their overall satisfaction with the suite of services that KFS provides them.

Dan BippenPresident, Kuna FoodService

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Chris through our franchising efforts. His expertise and knowledge are surpassed only by his passion for what he does. He went above and beyond in several areas – he helped immensely with writing our Operations Manual, determined the nutritional content of our menu and gave us recommendations on how to improve sales. I would highly recommend Chris as a consultant for any restaurant.

Brendon MaciarielloOwner, Sauce on the Side

I am an extremely energetic, charismatic and passionate person, especially when it comes to Hot Charlie’s. In working with Chris, we have brought order and consistency to my business. He is a wonderful consultant who truly cares and supports his clients and their employees. I have been truly impressed by his insights and suggestions, and believe that he is the reason my business is in a better place than before we met.

Charlie BackerOwner, Hot Charlie’s Hot Sauce

We, at Mike Duffy's Pub & Grill Kirkwood and Richmond Heights, appreciate the time, analysis, insights, and help Chris provided with our menu. He meticulously reviewed our menu and determined which items are most profitable, ranking them from the most to least profitable. He then positioned the most profitable items on the menu, where they would be seen and ordered the most. It was helpful to have a knowledgeable individual who had a fresh perspective and who could successfully revise our menu to increase profitability.

Mike DuffyOwner, Mike Duffy’s Restaurant Group

Due to the direct efforts of Mr. Cochran, we have seen a decrease in our overall food costs and an increase in profit, while maintaining our highest standards of food quality. Chris has brought simple, cost-effective solutions to our restaurant group that we would have simply never found. Chris' knowledge, attention to detail, and experience make him a valuable weapon. He has been and continues to be a great asset to our group.

Jim SchuetteDirector of Operations, Syberg’s Restaurant Group

Chris is a great resource who brings real-world knowledge to the table. His insight helped to increase revenue in ordering and inventory practices, and helped us to better communicate our goals. His understanding of our vision has allowed us to develop and effectively communicate our business plan.​

Dan PorzelOwner, FOT’s LLC

Chris Cochran and the MarginWise Consulting staff were amazing to work with during the design and creation of our Operations Manual. The detail and precision that he and his team worked with made this complex procedure a dream for us.

Ryan MaciarielloOwner, Sauce on the Side

MarginWise Consulting is a great force of strategy and improvement - just what we needed for our brand. Chris helped define our company’s direction and identified the work we need to do to grow our brand. Chris was instrumental in negotiating better manufacturing contracts for our product, increasing our production and profitability. His passion has been a tremendous benefit to our brand.

Zamir GottaOwner, Zamir Vodka

I can’t say thank you enough to Chris. He walked me through the challenging FDA and USDA HACCP regulation process. His expertise helped us through some of our more difficult tasks in setting up a successful business.

Sompit VasseyOwner, Ma Yim Bakery

From daily food costing to helping entrepreneurs open new restaurants (or even franchising existing concepts), Chris, with MarginWise, finds innovative solutions to everything. He often leaves us thinking, Why didn't we think of that sooner? In an industry with such tight margins, Chris finds a way to make it all worth it.

Bess Kretsinger HeffernanGeneral Manager Niche Food Group

Chris is an innovative and experienced leader, and an ambassador for the hospitality industry.

Matt BerraaKuna Food Service

Chris is a natural problem solver; he's not afraid to tackle the hard pile. Years of experience provides him with the big ideas and the attention to the smallest details.

Mark SchepkerCreative Director, Photographer, Mark Schepker Creative

I have worked with Chris on several projects for customers. I would highly recommend working with MarginWise Consulting. All of our customers have benefited from his analysis.

Rose WoodwardKuna Foodservice

I’m impressed. Chris is very professional and thorough. I highly recommend Chris and his MarginWise team.

Benjamin LoehrerOwner, Los Campeones Gyms

Chris is detailed, efficient, and passionate about his craft - highly recommended!

Paxton MoreauxCOO and Franchise Development, Off The Hook Cajun Cuisine

I put my trust in Chris and it paid off. He's very sharp and has a lot of experience in the restaurant industry. I highly recommend MarginWise if you're looking for a consultant. I'm confident that you will not regret it.

Adam OtisRestauranteur

One of the first things Chris said to me in our initial meeting was, "I'm not going to make life easier for you Charlie". He wasn't lying. Chris isn't the type of person that puts sprinkles on something bad and tells you it's fine. He challenges you. He pushes you. And he gives you much needed insight and perspective. When I started working with Chris, I had two products available at six retailers. Eighteen months later I have eight products being distributed to hundreds of retailers in 49 states plus Puerto Rico. Chris helped me realize that the road is never perfect and the journey is not always easy, but with passion and the right coaching, amazing things will happen. If you're looking to scale your business, I can't recommend Chris enough. He's a great mentor, and now I consider him a great friend.

Charles BenjaminHot Charlie’s Hot Sauce

With attention to detail and an analytical approach, Chris and the Marginwise team have been a tremendously valuable resource to expand our team’s capability and capacity.

Adam MooreChef and Foodservice Strategist

Given I’m new to the business of creating and running a food establishment, I needed someone not only with expertise but actionable steps to getting the business set up in a way that ensures profitability. The investment in a partnership with MarginWise Consulting has already paid off by saving me from many costly newbie pitfalls. I feel informed and capable of doing the inevitable hard work ahead.

Kristen PainterThe Fold STL, street crepes

Chris has helped me prioritize goals, execute plans, and think through what’s best for my organization. He has helped us to operate more efficiently, and, as a result, increase our profitability.

Kevin McKernanThe Improv Shop